Personal Growth

Photo by drweisgerber

Photo by drweisgerber

Before hypnotherapy with Angela I was tentative and insecure. My stress level with my business was extremely high. Now I feel like I have nothing to lose, I am uninhibited, confident, and secure in my ability to move forward and overcome any obstacle that comes my way. I am grateful that I discovered Angela and could benefit from the amazing and varied techniques she uses that help me so much!”

-Charlene from Washington

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Are you seeking a better life through personal growth?

At Empower Your Life Clinical Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching, Angela Barrus excels at guiding you to your very best self. Using gentle and noninvasive techniques, Angela Barrus has helped hundreds of people just like you reach their full potential. Are you seeking a better life through personal growth?

What is personal growth?

Personal Growth can be enjoyable, enlightening and fun. Reaching your highest potential can be significantly accelerated by working with a mentor or life coach. Your personal growth and development is a necessary part of your life long journey.

What are the benefits of perusing personal growth?

  • Improve your self awareness
  • Improve your self knowledge
  • Greater self love and self esteem
  • Develop personal strengths and talents
  • Create more abundance
  • Grow spiritually
  • Enhance your lifestyle
  • Improve your health
  • Fulfill your hopes and dreams
  • Improve your relationships
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Learn more about what Angela’s personal growth program can do for you…

Since working with Angela my client base has increased, and after 10 years working out of a home office I will now be moving into a professional office space! I could not be more pleased!! I’ve also gained more confidence in speaking publicly, which is huge. Angela will help you on your road to self-improvement, and if you follow her instructions you will have success in any goal you set for yourself. Call Angela, you’ll be glad you did!”

-Linda, California

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You deserve enhanced quality of life through personal growth

Learning and growth leads naturally to an enhanced quality of life. As a result, you can gain a deep sense of satisfaction in mind, body, spirit and emotions. The goal is to have a smooth sailing life. Just like a sail boat sails smoothest with with just the right amount of wind filling it’s sails and a steady hand at the helm, life is best when we know how to catch the wind and guide our ship.

We all need a little guidance now and then

Sometimes learning to sail takes a little guidance and introspection. Angela Barrus is the captain who will empower you to take the helm, significantly accelerating the process of pursuing your hopes and dreams and reaching your highest potential. Because you deserve to reach your highest potential.

How is it possible to accelerate personal growth?

When we access both the conscious and the subconscious minds through a combination of life coaching and hypnotherapy, personal growth and development is accelerated. This means your goals are typically achieved much quicker than traditional “talk therapy” approaches and other more traditional interventions.  Angela Barrus utilizes a proprietary blend of clinical hypnotherapy, behavioral therapy and energy work such as “the emotion code”, and gently helps clients to get unstuck with short, affordable, effective sessions. This saves you both time and money.

Get rid of your subconscious blocks and obstacles

In a very gentle and powerful way deep seeded subconscious blocks and obstacles are removed and new, healthy neural pathways are created. In addition, you’re empowered with tools and techniques to use for a life time. Enjoy clear thinking, handle stress in a healthy manner, and proactively deal with whatever comes your way, even long after your sessions are complete. Join Angela Barrus’s many clients who report feeling well equipped for smooth sailing, actively pursuing their hopes and dreams.

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About Angela Barrus, Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

Behavioral Therapist Angela Barrus specializes in clinical hypnotherapy and coaching, using a powerful and gentle approach that helps one achieve balance in mind, body, and emotions.

Angela received her Bachelor of Science degree from Idaho State University. She then went on to receive her credentials from California Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences (CIHAS).

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