How Can I Get to Sleep?

Photo by skycaptaintwo

Photo by skycaptaintwo

It had been eight years since I had fallen asleep quickly and easily or enjoyed a good night of sleep. After four sessions with Angela I was able to fall asleep soon after laying down and my sleep quality was excellent.”

-Kathy from Washington

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You have just found the best drug-free treatment for insomnia!

You do NOT have to take drugs to sleep well. Your mind knows how to sleep, it just needs to remember how. Hypnotherapy can reset your body’s internal clock. Energy and clear thinking await you. Say good-bye to fatigue, lethargy, forgetfulness, depression and anxiety. And say hello to energy and clarity of thinking. You no longer need to toss and turn, asking yourself “how can I get to sleep?“.

How much easier would sleep be if you could settle your mind and body?

Access your inner mind so that you can experience the restorative sleep that you need and deserve! You possess within you the keys to living a healthy, balanced and happy life. However, sometimes challenges like insomnia arise in our lives which can easily become a chronic problem. The more you focus on your inability to sleep the more you perpetuate the problem. Hypnotherapy helps you take control of how your brain works to help you relax your mind and body and get a good night of sleep.

Tired of being tired?

  • Insomnia causes fatigue
  • Insomnia causes forgetfulness
  • Insomnia causes depression
  • Insomnia causes lethargy
  • Insomnia causes anxiety
  • Insomnia increases stress
  • Get your energy back
  • Enjoy clearer thinking>
  • Stop over thinking
  • Stop tossing and turning>
  • End depression>
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“After undergoing surgery I had a difficult time sleeping, and I was feeling desperate. A few sessions with Angela and I was finally able to sleep. This work is very powerful, gentle, and impactful.”

-Tammy, California

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You deserve enhanced quality of life

As well as getting a good nights sleep you can gain a deep sense of satisfaction in mind, body, spirit and emotions. Stress is a natural part of life and the better we learn to handle every day stress the better we are able to settle our mind as we settle in for a sound night of sleep.

We all need a little guidance now and then

Sometimes we need a little guidance to navigate our amazing mind and to learn new tools and techniques to help us manage the ups and downs of life in a healthy way.  Angela Barrus has successfully helped many people not only fall asleep quicker and enjoy a high quality of  sleep but also reduce and even eliminate waking during the night. As many clients achieve this their personal growth is also significantly accelerated helping them to better reach their highest potential. You deserve to reach your highest potential.

How is it possible to accelerate personal growth?

When we access both the conscious and the subconscious minds through a combination of life coaching and hypnotherapy, personal growth and development is accelerated. This means your goals are typically achieved much quicker than traditional “talk therapy” approaches and other more traditional interventions.  Angela Barrus utilizes a proprietary blend of clinical hypnotherapy, behavioral therapy and energy work such as “the emotion code”, and gently helps clients to get unstuck with short, affordable, effective sessions. This saves you both time and money.

Get rid of your subconscious blocks and obstacles

In a very gentle and powerful way deep seeded subconscious blocks and obstacles are removed and new, healthy neural pathways are created. In addition, you’re empowered with tools and techniques to use for a life time. Enjoy clear thinking, handle stress in a healthy manner, and proactively deal with whatever comes your way, even long after your sessions are complete. Join Angela Barrus’s many clients who report feeling well equipped for an empowered life, actively pursuing their hopes and dreams.

Imagine your life when you regain control. Join many others who have done so!

Photo by Tobyotter

Photo by Tobyotter

I am sleeping so much better and my whole body is feeling better. It’s absolutely fantastic. I know that’s what everyone else has been telling you but I can hardly believe it!” 
Brenda, British Columbia

-Brenda from  British Columbia

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About Angela Barrus, Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

Behavioral Therapist Angela Barrus specializes in clinical hypnotherapy and coaching, using a powerful and gentle approach that helps one achieve balance in mind, body, and emotions.

Angela received her Bachelor of Science degree from Idaho State University. She then went on to receive her credentials from California Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences (CIHAS).

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