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What could you accomplish if you were living a life without boundaries? What dreams would you pursue? What goals would you achieve?

The mission of Empower Your Life Clinical Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching is to free you of mental and emotional obstacles — the things in your way as you seek the life, career and relationships you want and deserve.

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Clinical hypnotherapy, behavioral therapy & life coaching

Angela Barrus, the founder of Empower Your Life, guides clients from all walks of life with a powerful and gentle approach, giving them a comfortable way to accelerate personal growth by breaking negative habit cycles. And because it’s about helping people become who they want to be, her approach fits with all beliefs. In fact, many clients say that the program complements and even enhances the connection they have with their religion or spirituality.

Through various proven techniques, Empower Your Life will help you restore balance between your body, mind and emotions — and access your personal inner wisdom to remove the obstacles that hold you back. And unlike other forms of therapy, it is possible to see results without reliving painful events.

Could I benefit from this form of therapy?

Most people respond well to the Empower Your Life program, in part because each session is uniquely tailored to the needs of each client. Those who answer “yes” to any of the following questions are excellent candidates for this therapy.

  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Do you sabotage yourself with bad habits and behaviors?
  • Do fears or phobias stop you from living your life to the fullest?
  • Do you tend to have more negative thoughts than positive ones?

Clients usually lead healthier lifestyles after the program, with many reporting better sleep and increased energy. From life transitions such as divorce to issues with weight or even addiction, Empower Your Life does just what its name says.

“I remember who I am,” one client said after treatment. “I had lost myself.”

And the program is easily accessible to anyone — it’s affordable and convenient, with short sessions that can be done in person, over the phone or even via Skype.

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To reach Angela and learn more about how her proprietary blend of behavioral therapy, clinical hypnotherapy and empowerment coaching can help you achieve your goals, call 425-443-6247 or email

“It is an honor to lock arms with clients on their personal journey of renewal,” Angela says. “I take great pride in helping to bring peace, balance and healing to their lives.”


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